Instant Pot Easiest Dinner Ever

My Easiest Dinner Ever recipe just got easier.
This is one of my go-to all time favorite Crock Pot recipes.
This is the most viewed  & pinned recipe on my blog. 
It has been viewed over 1.5 million times! What?!?!
And it's the most controversial post on my blog....You either love it or your hate it :)
I posted this recipe exactly 6 years ago to the day, so in honor of that it's time to give you the Instant Pot version of this recipe!
When I got my  last Fall, I knew I needed to convert the Easiest Dinner Ever to an Instant Pot recipe. I have gotten several emails from some of you asking to convert this to the Instant Pot! Now, instead of taking 4-6 hours in the Crock Pot, it takes under 30 minutes in the Instant Pot.
Here is what you need:
 - 2.5 lb Bag of frozen Chicken Breast Tenderloins (or Chicken Breasts)
- 8 oz block of cream cheese (don't use Fat Free! 1/3 less fat or regular is fine)
- Can of Black Beans, drained & rinsed (or Pinto Beans if you prefer)
- Can of Corn, drained
- Can of Rotel (we use original or hot)
***You can also add a dry packet of ranch dressing or taco seasoning***

Add the bag of frozen chicken tenderloins, can of drained black beans, can of drained corn and rotel (not drained) to your Instant Pot:
Give everything a big stir:
  Then put the lid on your Instant Pot turn the knob to SEALING:
 Turn to high on manual setting and cook for 20 minutes (if using chicken breasts, cook for 25 minutes)
 When time is up, let it do a natural release for 10 minutes. If there steam left, do a manual release.
Open the lid.
 You can shred the chicken now if you want, or wait until later. 
Add the block of cream cheese, give everything a stir.
 Put the lid back on and you should be on "Keep Warm" Mode.
 Keep the lid on & let it warm for 10 minutes. The cream cheese will get nice and melted & it will look like this when you open the lid:
 Use 2 forks to shred the chicken right there in the Instant Pot:
I serve this over brown rice (or sometimes cauliflower rice)
 I garnish it with fresh salsa, guacamole & cilantro (from my garden!) 
 It makes a lot, it feeds 6-8 adults. You could have it for dinner a couple nights & for lunch.
When we have it on a leftover day, sometimes I combine the rice & the cream cheese chicken mixture and use it for burritos. Add a tortilla, some lettuce, cheese & salsa.
Easy. Good. Healthy.
And, you could use pinto beans instead of black beans.
Make a tostada, a rice bowl or burritos.
So many options!

All these years later and I don't even have a name for it.
I sometimes call it Cream Cheese Crock Pot Chicken
or Crock Pot Creamy Salsa Chicken.
But, mostly I call it the Easiest Dinner Ever....because it is!
Call it whatever you want. It is yummy & so easy to make!


Loving Lately // May 2017

It's time for another round of Loving Lately!
I am going to do this once a month & they have a color theme.
January was gray, February was pink and March was green and for April the color theme was  yellow/gold! May is coral!

Here is this month's Loving Lately....

// ONE //

It's Peony season!!!!
 Thank you Trader Joes for having the best peony selection!
I love the coral ones the best because they start off bright and then fade as they open up.
So pretty!

// TWO //

I am LOVING this bathing suit cover up:
 All my bathing suit coverups are black, so I am excited to add this fun coverup to the rotation this summer! 

// THREE //

Coral looks so great on Claire.
She got that swimsuit last year and the color looks so good on her, that the Easter Bunny brought her this Fruit tankini for this summer.

And, it comes with a super cute swim skirt.
You can get it HERE

 // FOUR //

We have a few weddings coming up and I am loving this off the shoulder dress:


It comes in 6 colors, but I am really loving the coral.

I also like this one:

Decisions, decisions.
Which one do you like better?

// FIVE //
Our May Rodan + Fields Special is a good one!
$20 cash back, 10% off your order, FREE shipping and a FREE essentials item!

I love our Essentials items....you get your choice of our Daily Body Moisturizer, SPF 30 Body Sunscreen, SPF 25 Lip Shield or our AMAZING Sunless Tanner.....which sells out every Spring/Summer....get yours now before it's too late!
 We have products for all skin types....anti aging, sun damage, acne & sensitive skin.

Find out what products are best for your skin HERE
 For all customers (current and new) who order a regimen this month, you also get a free sample of our newest product...Active Hydration Serum.
Rodan +Fields invented a new molecule for our newest product that just launched.
The research and innovation that R+F is pioneering is nothing short of mind blowing!
You are going to want this magical solution to dry, aging skin...
Introducing Active Hydration Serum!!!

  200% more hydration on the FIRST try.
  30% Glycerin bound to Hyaluronic Acid.
  SELF ADJUSTING to YOUR skin type.

Why should you care? Because hydrating your skin is key!!!
 Do you know the difference between Hydration vs. Moisturization
Hydration ADDS water to the skin. Moisturizing creates a barrier to seal in what is already there.
Think of hydration for your skin like a water balloon.
The full water balloon is smooth has no wrinkles in it, while one that is partially full - or dehydrated - is saggy and wrinkled. That's what your cells do.

What if there was something that was clinically proven to increase the hydration level of your skin by 200% in its first use so your skin was plump and smooth, and fine lines and signs of aging significantly diminished?
It can be used regardless of your skin condition....even oily, acne prone, sensitive, skin with rosacea.
It just launched to customers on Tuesday! 
Just like these Before & After photos, Reverse has gotten rid of my sun damage &  pregnancy melasma.
 I am also loving lash boost as well.
 I am also loving the fact that 1 tube of Lash boost has lasted me over 5 months!!!!!
  Email me to place an order or if you have questions!
// SIX //
 We have another heat wave coming up & summer is almost here, so that means Watermelon Salsa.
I LOVE this recipe....it is a summer staple for us.

// SEVEN //
Speaking of Watermelon...I also love Watermelon Daiquiri's:

 // EIGHT //
I am LOVING this Nail polish color.
It has been my go-to during the Summer months for the past couple years.

It's the perfect coral color...I just love it!

// NINE //

How cute are these Kate Spade Notebooks?

There is also a matching notecard set


Seriously, SO cute!

// TEN //

How cute is this shirt from my May Stitch Fix

It looks more orange in this photo, but in person it is a perfect coral color.
It arrived a couple weeks ago & I kept this and 1 other shirt from my May fix.

 It has dolman style sleeves and it's so comfy!
I have been doing Stitch Fix every month for the past 3 years. It's so fun...it's like Christmas morning each time a box arrives. I usually keep 1 or 2 things per box. You don't have to get them each month, you can do every other month or every 4 months, etc. I seriously love it...I don't have time to go shopping and I don't want to take my kids shopping, so I rely on Stitch Fix and online shopping. I don't even know the last time I went to the mall!

So, there you have it....some lovely coral things I have been Loving Lately.
What have you been Loving Lately?


Carmelitas {Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookie Bars}

Did you know that today, May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day?
In honor of that, the past few years, I have shared some of my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes. 
Today, I wanted to share my very favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar recipe, called Carmelitas.....
They are loaded with oatmeal, brown sugar, caramel & lots of chocolate chips.

Here is what you need:

For the Crust:
2 cups flour
2 cups Quaker oats
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 cup butter, melted

For the Topping:
1 package chocolate chips (I like milk chocolate, you can use semi sweet)
1 cup chopped pecans or walnuts (I use pecans)
1 cup caramel topping

Add oatmeal, flour, brown sugar, baking soda & salt  in a bowl.

Pour in the 1 cup (2 sticks) of melted butter:

Stir until all the ingredients are coated & mixed together:

Press 3/4 of the mixture into the bottom of a 9X13 pan:

Luke likes to help me make these. One of his rescue bots guys was checking out our work :)

Bake the crust at 350 for 7-8 minutes & remove from oven. The crust should be light brown:

While the crust is baking, get your topping ingredients ready:

Sprinkle with chocolate chips and nuts:

Drizzle about 1 cup of caramel over chocolate chips and nuts:

Sprinkle with remaining crumbs of crust mixture.

Then, I drizzle more caramel over the top:

Bake 15-20 minutes at 350, until golden brown.

After you take these out of the oven, have them cool on the counter for a few minutes and then chill in a refrigerator for 2 hours.
 Then, cut into bars & serve!

Some of my friends have referred to these Carmelitas as "Chocolate Chip Caramel Crack Bars"
 They are SOOOO good and SOOO addicting!
* If you don't like pecans/nuts then you don't have to use them for this recipe, you can omit them*

 One reason I love making these is because they are delicious AND they are perfect to serve at parties or bring to an event!

I hope you love these as much as we do.

If you want to make other types of Chocolate Chips Cookies in honor of Chocolate Chip Cookie day , here are some of our favorites:

And, my very favorite cookie....Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies
 Happy Monday & Happy Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!


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